my life. my vision. my roots.


my life.

I study currently in Lahti Design Institute and also work as an entrepreneur freelancer. For me to get to create something new and wonderful is a necessity. Whether it was a functional design concept or a new realization in my dog's eyes - that's what I love to do. That's my driving force. Nature and especially forrest is the place where I love to hang out, and that is where the majority of my inspirations and aspirations take place. So I'm not a big city -girl, although I live just outside one. A big city, I mean. I love blueberries and I truly believe in the strength of a positive attitude. And I'm very determined. That's how you get things done.  


my vision.

The more you learn, the more influence you have. This is why my pursuit is to acquire skills broadly within different fields of design - in order to have a wider impact in my surroundings; in order to serve better those around me. My style is contemporary and a little bit playful. I absolutely love to challenge people, as I love to challenge myself. My delight is to take poorly constructed ideas and turn them into something beautiful. Whether it be a space, a service concept, a logo, or my dining table.   


my roots.

I come from a small town in Western Finland, and a long line of entrepreneurs in my family. Both sides. So how could I not believe strongly in creativity paired with an ambitious mind. I'm thankful to have been thought to respect and value the people and things I'm surrounded with, but also to strive for what I feel the right thing to do. It has made me brave.


so, this is me.