Storage solution for home and office environments made of clean and easily recyclable materials.

Competition entry for Photoshop 2017.


Lyly is a modular shelf system consisting of a single hook piece with a wall attachment. The hook works in two positions - it may hang free and act as a hanger, or it may be locked into horizontal position to act as a shelf. By placing multiple hooks side by side it is possible to create any type of storage solution the space or user requires.


Lyly locks into horizontal position by a push button. When released, it hangs naturally in vertical position. Lyly is made of birch plywood veneer and a powder coated bent metal sheet with 6mm screws for attachment. Pieces are simple and easily separable. 



The name Lyly comes from a pair of very old skis, due to the ski-like appearance of the hook. Lyly was the name of the left ski that was used to slide on while pushing with the right ski, Kalhu.