Modular, easily moveable Space in space -product for work or school environments with easy production and recyclable materials. Concept designed for a local furniture company.

I acted as the leader of our group of eight, and also branded the product.



According to a poll we conducted there seems to be a misunderstanding, that for people to feel energized at work or school they need more energizing spaces. In reality it seems quite the opposite. For people to feel energized they seem to need a place to charge their batteries during the day. 

They need a moment of calmness. So calm became the guiding factor of the process.


Maja (a hut or a hiding place) is composed of birch veneer benches and big thermo molded felt arches that are held together by a hexagon shaped connecting piece. Thermo moldable felt is a recycled material that is naturally sound absorbing. The benches include electrical plugs and LED lights of the centre hexagon provide a soft overall light.  Maja can be put together with 2-5 individual bench and arch -pieces.



maja got Chosen for exhibition in Toyama University, Japan. Exhibition will open on 13.3.2017.

Pictures from the exhibition coming later!

Näyttökuva 2017-03-02 kello 17.10.13.png