winner of Fingrid Oyj's trophy -design conpetition 2016




A trophy design contest arranged by Fingrid Oyj. The trophies would be given to the company’s long lasting employees, and should express Fingrid’s values and visual identity. The trophy should include parts of old insulation disks collected from old power line -towers.


To combine the authentic old material with a crisp new material to express change and the passing of time.  A clear classical form, and possibility for easy production. 


Constructed of a piece of the insulation disk combined with clear acrylic and a laser engraving. The size and weight are appropriate. The form is dignified yet still fresh. Easy for production, four pieces per one insulation disk.



" The jury appreciated the beauty and elegance of the work, and its suitability in size. Also the thought and story behind it, as well as the implementation of the assignment brought about jury's respect. "   


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